Hey y’all,

I came from the back woods of Odessa, Ontario, and moved to Ottawa in the mid-90s. After six years of Conservatory piano lessons, and a misspent youth of 70s punk guitar (after the 70s weren’t cool anymore), I discovered folk music and took on the mandolin and Irish tenor banjo as my main axes. Then I rediscovered the blues – so now that’s what I play on these weird instruments. I like it.

I play at open stages around the city, and I even manage to gig once in a while. I think of my sound as being minimalist and clean; I work to stretch the perceived limitations of my chosen instruments.

At a recent show, I kept a digital recorder in the back of the room, so I could obsess about my performance later (it’s what I do). I uploaded a few of the songs to Bandcamp. You can listen and/or download them for free.

I used to have another album of folky originals on there from 2015, but I don’t like any of those songs anymore.

Performing at a Spirit of Rasputin's event
Performing at a Spirit of Rasputin’s event
Appearing on CKCU Radio in the summer of 2014
Appearing on CKCU Radio in the summer of 2014
My axes of evil
My axes of evil. The laundry basket makes me hardcore.