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Hey y’all,

So the day is here. As I announced on CKCU this morning, The Living Room Recordings has now been officially released. You can buy it on my Bandcamp page.

This is kind of exciting, isn’t it?

download card


I was on CKCU’s Special Blend this morning to play a couple songs on the mandolin. That was a pile of fun! I was pretty nervous, but Trish and Ka just did their thing and made it very easy for me. [Note: I buggered a few notes on the mandolin solo on one of the songs; it happens!]

They also played track 11 from the CD, which was cool. That’s the only song that I have other musicians on. My kids play washboard and kazoo, and do backup vocals.

If you want to hear the show, you can go to the Monday Special Blend Playlist page of the CKCU site and click the round CKCU On Demand logo in the top left corner. My portion of the show starts at about twelve and a half minutes in.

Now that the album is out, don’t forget to come to my album release party on Thursday. It’s at 7pm at A Thing for Chocolate, in Westboro.

It could even be fun. You never know.

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  1. Well holy smokes … this is exciting indeed! I just listened to the show and you sounded awesome. Congratulations and good luck on Thursday. Wish I could be there.

  2. Great interview and live show!

    Just downloaded the album and thoroughly enjoyed it! Nice to have on my playlists now.

    Good luck on Thursday! I’m sure it will be a great show!

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