Still Isolated and I’ve Got the Blues

It had been three weeks since my second Facebook live show, which was three weeks after my first, so I guess an arbitrary schedule had been arbitrarily decided upon. ‘Twas time for Show Number 3 on April 29.

Laura corralled the kids to the basement to watch the show on their devices while I was broadcasting from my second-floor office. This will probably sound weird, but the only thing I find more awkward than playing with only my iPad as the live audience, is playing for a live audience consisting only of loved ones. So the criteria has now been set. I either play for mostly strangers, or I play for some equipment. Seems to work so far.

Since I had played my most comfortable songs in the previous two shows, I learned a few new songs for this one, and practiced up some of the songs I’ve historically not been as comfortable with. You know … in an effort to continue developing as a musician and all.

The video is about 30 minutes long, if you want to watch it here.

We may not be done with the social isolation for a bit, so I’m learning some more songs, and working on stuff for the next show.

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