Still here, still got the blues

Another three weeks since my most recent Facebook live show, so May 20 was the most magical of dates to do Show Number 4.

We had watched another local guy do an hour-long show a few nights ago, and Laura mentioned that his hour never felt like it was too long, so I should consider doing longer than my standard 20-minute show. As a result, this show ended up clocking in at about 48 minutes.

That felt like a pretty big jump at the time (even though I’ve done much longer shows in real life), so I may aim for some middle ground next time. My goal is to end each show before the audience wants me to, instead of waiting for them to call to their deity of choice to end it for them.

Now that I’ve done a few shows, I felt comfortable putting in some repeat songs from previous times. Here’s a recording of the video if you want to watch it.

I’m still working on learning new songs to be able to keep things fairly fresh as we go along with future episodes.

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