Facebook Live Show #5

Another three weeks since my most recent Facebook live show, June 20 was the fateful date for Show Number 5.

After another attempt to get my expensive mic and okay camera to work with Facebook Live, I used my iPad yet again. I swear, dude, this microphone works fine in GarageBand, but buzzes non-stop in Facebook. More research required.

I had learned some new stuff, and had some old faves in the mix again. At the time, I wasn’t entirely happy with my playing (as is the pattern) but thought it was mostly good when I watched the recording (as is the pattern). Maybe some day I’ll actually feel good about my playing while it’s happening? Long term goal, my friends!

Here’s a recording of the video if you want to watch it.

I’m working on a new (to me) Blind Lemon Jefferson song to include in the next show

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