Facebook Live Show #6

It had been a bit since my last Facebook live show, so July 16 was the fateful date for Show Number 6.

Another attempt at using some of my fancier gear has made me decide that just resigning myself to always using my iPad to record these things wasn’t necessarily a bad idea.

As is the norm, I wasn’t entirely happy with my playing while I was playing, but I felt better about it when I watched the show later. I ended up quite happy with how the (mostly) a capella Son House song went; that’s cool since I was worried about that one.

Here’s a recording of the video if you want to watch it.

I’m only working on a new song or two for the next one, because I really do know a lot of songs, and want to work on technique more. So there may be a few more repeats in the next show, but I guess if I were better at marketing I’d refer to them as “favourites” instead of “repeats”.

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