More online shows I didn’t tell you about

Yeah, dude, I’m still doing lots of live online shows (about one per month), and I’m having fun with it. You can check out all my videos by going to the Video page. Or I suppose you could cut out the middle man and go directly to my YouTube channel. 

I’ve figured the tech out a bit better now, and have switched to YouTube as my delivery method. Between using YouTube, and switching out my hardware, the sound and picture seem to be much better on the more recent shows.

Another new feature to the performances: I started out just playing mandolin and tenor banjo. When a song called for it, I also added the five-string banjo, but with the fifth string removed and played with a pick. This is similar to the plectrum banjo that you see some jazz folk playing.

Then a few months ago, I started adding some songs playing slide on my lap-style resonator guitar – some people call it a dobro, but some time I’ll do a little write-up on why that’s inaccurate (because you’re dying to know!). Anyhow, there’s a bit more variety in each show with up to four instruments making an appearance. Maybe I’ll get my tenor guitar in there one of these times too!

I make an effort to learn a few new songs for each show, so don’t assume that there is no need to tune in just because you’ve seen previous shows. Feel free to check it out.

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