All right, y’all. I know I’ve been talking a LOT about the album lately – and I’m still feeling pretty cool about it, of course – but let’s all remember that the reason I did this album was for my gig tonight.

Two forty-minute sets of me. Can you even imagine such a thing?

This is kind of cool, because it’s the longest I’ve ever played on my own. I’ve done full nights in bands before, and I’ve done a single set on my own, but this is a whole lot of me. Seriously, how can you even be considering missing such a spectacle?

So just in case you are thinking of coming, and haven’t been paying attention, I’m playing from 7pm until 9pm at A Thing for Chocolate. That’s at 1262 Wellington West (here’s a map), in the Westboro area (of Ottawa), just about a block west of Holland Avenue.

Come try Omar’s tasty chocolate delights, while listening to my tasty (but possibly not tasteful) music. Sounds like a great night?

Ready to pack up for tonight's gig. Maybe I should start practicing?
Ready to pack up for tonight’s gig. Maybe I should start practicing?

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